• Certified Underwater Welding

  • In-House NDT Lab

  • Concrete Core Drilling

  • Concrete Wire Saw Cutting

  • Extended Diving Depths

  • ROVs

  • Explosives

C&W Diving Services owns and operates several advanced systems to solve problems. From floating plant to its in-house NDT laboratory, C&W is able to provide the equipment required to accomplish underwater or marine environment projects on 24-hour notice.


C&W has performed numerous concrete cutting operations with its diamond wire saw unit and custom designed gang concrete core drilling systems both under and above water. Often, projects with initial prohibitive labor costs were able to go forward with C&W's engineering approach to problem solving. As required, C&W utilizes ROV technology to get the job done and provide the best value to its customers.


The company operates its own inventory of "Advanced diving equipment and systems" to gain maximum efficiency and economy. Using its engineering capabilities, C&W is able to modify and customize its equipment to fit specific configurations and requirements.

  • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles)

  • Mobile Dive Van

  • Dive Trailers

  • Toyo DP-150 Dredge Pump

  • Diamond Wire Saw

  • Hull Scrubbers



ROV Remote Operated Vehicle

Mobile Dive Van

Hull Scrubber

Diamond Wire Saw


Dive Trailer